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Vaccancy – Premises Officer


The Premises Officer will be responsible for assisting with the running of the Centre including reception, caretaking and cleaning duties.

You should be honest, reliable and physically fit and able to work flexibly, as required, up to a maximum of 20 hours a week. Shifts will include both evening and weekend working based around Centre bookings.

Salary – Minimum Wage

Please apply in writing with your C.V to the Clerk, Markfield Parish Council, Parish Office, Markfield Community and Sports Centre, Mayflower Close, Markfield. LE67 9ST

Press Release 23 March 2023


After many years of running Markfield Community and Sports Centre, the charity, Markfield Community Association has handed over the reins to Markfield Parish Council.

The association are delighted that the Parish Council is committed to keeping the Community Centre running for the use of our residents. We all believe that it is time to enhance our relationship and work in partnership to have in place and develop the Community Centre into a facility our village deserves.

This change will not be easy but we can do it together in partnership and with the help of local agencies, community groups and of course, most importantly you our community.

With the support of the Parish Council the Association will continue to run the Mayflower Clubs at the community centre and continue to co-ordinate the successful Markfield Good Neighbours Scheme. This partnership will also assist in our endeavours to support local health and well-being initiatives.

The association spokesperson said, “We sincerely wish the Parish Council every success in this new endeavour and TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT”.

The Parish Council have said, “Your Parish Council is committed to the community we serve, we will be working hard to secure the future of your community centre and sports centre with our many partners”.

Farewell (from Ron and Dawn)

Markfield Community Association is no longer responsible for the running of Markfield Community and Sports Centre

A farewell message from Ron and Dawn – December 2022

The Markfield Community Association has run the Markfield Community and Sports Centre for the last thirty years.

The Markfield Community Association have over the years, done their best to build up the Centre into a thriving Community Centre with a sound customer base. Through a lot of hard work, the Centre had become an award winning facility, recognised by others as a hub for the village as well as a flagship for the Borough. Over the years, the Association had also raised literally hundreds of thousands of pounds to support improvements to both the Community Centre and the site as well as to fund equipment and to support local community groups and other projects.

As from the 24th November 2022, Markfield Parish Council have taken on the role to operate the Markfield Community and Sports Centre.

Looking back, we will remember with a smile and some sadness all of the wonderful people and customers we have met and worked with, all of the events, parties and celebrations and activities we have held over the years. We sincerely thank our wonderful staff, customers and the many organisations, partnership agencies and people in our community who have supported us in our work. Going forward we wish the Parish Council every success and we are sure that the Community Centre will continue to provide an excellent community facility for our residents.

We continue to run the Mayflower Club, continue to support the excellent Markfield Good Neighbours Scheme and wherever possible other local community groups.

Should you have any queries about current or future bookings would you kindly contact Markfield Parish Council.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you again.

Ron and Dawn Grantham